Nassau honored for generosity to SHUPP

September 24, 2017: Bill & Pam Wakefield accept a commemorative bowl in honor of Nassau Presbyterian Church’s ongoing support of Send Hunger Packing Princeton.

Last month, at the annual fundraiser for SHUPP (Send Hunger Packing Princeton), Nassau was presented with a beautiful bowl and thanked for our ongoing support, generosity, and kindness.

Almost 420 kids in Princeton Public Schools, equating to 2 in each classroom are eligible for free and reduced price lunches on school days. Until SHUPP these kids could and did get pretty hungry on weekends and holidays. Through a collaborative effort coordinated by Princeton Human Services Commission, Mercer Street Friends and the Princeton School District. a group of committed volunteers pack and distribute weekend food backpacks to children in the Princeton schools and at the Princeton Nursery School. To date, SHUPP has distributed almost 100,000 meals!  That translates into a lot of healthier, rested, brighter and happier children.

Thank you Nassau members, your generous monthly hunger donations are helping to make this happen.

For more information, see Send Hunger Packing Princeton

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