Adult Education – October 2019

Exodus: Wilderness Formation

Sundays, 9:30 a.m., in the Assembly Room
unless otherwise noted

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Do a deep dive into Exodus. Read the stories, remember the events, and revisit the characters that are formative to our faith. Each week, Drs. Anne Stewart and Jacqueline Lapsley will lead us through a section of the text and help us learn how and why God takes a group of wandering refugees and forms them into the people of God. Pastor Dave Davis will be preaching in worship on texts from these same passages during this series.

October 6 | Anne Stewart

From Call to Crossing (Exodus 1-15)

Weekly | In-Depth Bible Study with George Hunsinger


Sundays, 9:15 a.m.
Maclean House (Garden Entrance)

George Hunsinger continues with a verse-by verse examination of the Letter to the Colossians.

October 15 | Jacq Lapsley

Lost & Found in the Wilderness (Exodus 16-18)

October 20 | Jacq Lapsley

Commandment as Covenant (Exodus 19-24)

October 27 | Anne Stewart

When Things Fall Apart (Exodus 32-34)

November 3 | Jacq Laplsey & Anne Stewart

The Curtain, The Cloud, and Some Conclusions (Exodus 25-31 & 35-40)

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