Artist-in-Residence Armanda Sosa Weaving for Easter Worship

Master weaver Armando Sosa is our artist-in-residence this year. (Literally in residence – his loom is in the library.)…

Posted by Nassau Presbyterian Church on Friday, February 10, 2017

Weaving an Ancient Story

A weaver/historian writes that about 20,000 or 30,000 years ago, early humans twisted some plant fibers together and created… string! Eventually, over many more thousands of years, evolving humans developed more sophisticated methods of spinning yarns and weaving them into cloth on various sorts of looms, all over the world. And in due time, beyond clothing and shelter, these looms became a medium for telling the stories of the weavers’ cultures, their daily lives, and their faith.

One such hand-built loom, created from memory by our artist in residence to replicate those of his Guatemalan childhood, stands in our own library. Here, master weaver Armando Sosa — New Jersey’s 2015 Folk Artist of the Year — has labored in love, sharing his stories and teaching his craft to many of our youth and others.

Learn more about Armando on the Artist-in-Residence page.

Currently, Armando is weaving a set of three tapestries for use in worship during Easter week, designed for the delight of our imaginations and the contemplation of the mystery of our salvation .

Until then, as you pass through the library, take a look under the loom’s back beam for a glimpse of the woven story. (The tapestry is backside up…) And pause for a moment to talk with this kindly artist, who has been truly gifted and called by God to his craft.

Watch for updates on Armando’s progress in News from Nassau and on our Facebook page – and anticipate with us more weaving events with Armando in May.

A Program of the Worship and Arts Committee

Nassau Church’s Artist Residency is a program of the Worship and Arts Committee. The Worship and Arts Committee seeks to engage all members of the congregation in every aspect of worship, in order build connections to God and amongst people. The Committee’s work is an ongoing creation of vital links among the arts and places of worship. As the Committee works to serve the renewing work of the Holy Spirit amongst us, the question is asked, “Has everyone been fed?”

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