Beyond Malibu 2018 – Mountain Trip – Required Forms

Sunday, April 22 – Final Payments and All Completed Forms Due

On Sunday, April 22, between services (10:15-11:00 am) and after the 2nd service (12:00-1:30 pm), we will host a final payment & forms event in the 2nd Floor Office Suite (above the kitchen).

Linda Gilmore will also be here that day to notarize documents. Please bring photo ID if you are the person who will be signing the documents and also do NOT sign documents that need to be notarized until you are in her presence.

If you or your child cannot make the April 22 event – please contact Lauren Yeh to make arrangements for a different day.

Items to handle before April 22:

What to bring with you:

  1. NPC Assumption of Risk & Release from Liability (Notarized)
    1. NPC Release and Waiver Mtn Trip- Teens (pdf)
    2. NPC Release and Waiver Mtn Trip- Adults (pdf)
  2. Beyond Malibu – Health Form (above)
  3. Consent to receive treatment in Canada: Consent for Treatment in Canada (pdf)
  4. Parental Consent to Cross in to Canada: Border Crossing – Parental Consent (pdf)
  5. Flight Itinerary including confirmation or booking number.
  6. Passport valid through February 2019 (we will make a copy of the photo/signature pages)
  7. Final Payment (contact Lauren Yeh if you are unsure of the amount due)


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