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Lectio Divina – Adult Education (4/25 & 5/2)

Lectio Divina with Ignatius of Loyola St. Benedict introduced the church to a rich form of Scripture meditation called lectio divina, but Ignatius of Loyola in the 16th C. added imaginative depth to the practice, which we would like to

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April 2021 – Adult Education

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Lent 2021 – Adult Education Videos

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Lent 2021 – Linked-In Learning

Presence in Absence: The Departed Jesus Who Remains  A striking feature of the Gospel of John is how frequently Jesus announces his impending departure from “this world.”  These statements bewilder the crowds and worry his disciples.  In his lengthy conversation

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On Life’s Journey – Adult Education Series with Nassau’s Young Adults

Inter-Generational Series In January inter-generational all ages sessions continued with a twist – and now they’ve even moved into a new month! Instead of featuring content geared towards youth, this year’s content is our youth. Listen and watch interviews with

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Focus on Mass Incarceration

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Focus on Mass Incarceration – Adult Education for January 24 & 31

Adult Education videos are posted each Saturday on our YouTube Channel and the Adult Education Videos page. January 24 | Efraín Agosto Teaching on the Inside: Lessons from the New Testament and Sing Sing Prison Drawing on his experience of

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January/February 2021 – “On Life’s Journey”

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Food & Faith

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Advent Evening Prayer Services

Join in mid-week fellowship, share prayer concerns, join in song. This season Nassau will gather each Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00pm for a brief service of evening prayer hosted and led by members of our church staff. These services will

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