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Mission Partnership Quarterly – June 2017

June has brought opportunities to be particularly present with each of our three major mission partners. Read about the experiences of Dr. Barbara Edwards in Malawi with Villages in Partnership, and about 30 of Nassau’s members and  friends who worshiped

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Cetana Trip in January ’18

Journey to Myanmar/Burma in January 2018 Planning is underway for the annual Cetana trip to Myanmar/Burma in mid- to late-January. Exact dates for the trip of approximately 15 days, are not yet set, but the tour will include a visit

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All-Church Retreat Memorial Day Weekend

Looking for the 2018 all-church retreat sign-up? Head this way.

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Mission Partners: December 2016

Update from Westminster Presbyterian Church: by Bill Stoltzfus In the course of pursuing their mission partnership now in its third year, Nassau Church and Westminster Church have collaborated in two important and related missions in 2016: one ongoing and evolving,

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Follow Paul’s Steps in Greece

Sign up now for the Nassau Study Trip to Greece with Drs. Beverly Gaventa and Jacqueline Lapsley from May 23 to June 6, 2017. Join us as we follow Paul’s steps in Greece! Drs. Beverly Gaventa and Jacqueline Lapsley will serve

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Youth Trips-Summer 2016 Recap

NorthBay Middle School Week In early July, 10 of us went to NorthBay Adventure on the Chesapeake Bay.  It was a hot week with non-stop music, excitement, and general craziness.  What happens when you pile up zip-lines, whip-cream, sailing, and

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