Celebrate CETANA’s 25 Years on November 2

CETANA 25th Anniversary Celebration

November 2, 2018

Nassau’s mission partner, Cetana Educational Foundation, is celebrating its 25th anniversary on Friday, November 2 at 7:30 pm with a champagne and dessert affair at the D&R Greenway’s Johnson Education Center on Rosedale Road. The event includes an auction of beautiful Myanmar art and handcrafts (preview items at cetana25.com). Cetana, founded by Nassau member Lois Young and her family, has brought educational opportunities to thousands of Myanmar youth, most recently with its Nassau Church-funded English teacher-training project in Kanpetlet.

Tickets are $100 per person. Contact: Sue Jennings, .

Auction Items can be previewed online: cetana25.com

To find out more about CETANA please visit: cetana.org

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