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8/9/15 PC(USA) Mission Activities in Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia is teeming with opportunities for the Church to bring transformative change through preaching the gospel, community development, planting churches, as well as educational and health ministries. Learn about this culturally and religiously diverse region where the Presbyterian Church (USA) works with mission partners to alleviate poverty, train a new generation of leaders, and also address human trafficking and escalating migration.

Barry & Shelly Dawson
7/12/15 New Eyes: A Vicarious Pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Our Nassau Explorers
Dave Davis &Shane Berg
6/28/15 A Window into Nassau’s Family Album
“A Day to Remember” is the story of the merger of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and First Presbyterian in June 1973. Enjoy snapshots of the symbolic joining of the two congregations, the walk to the joint worship service and the celebration that followed.  You can find that video here!May this union continue to thrive as Nassau Presbyterian Church.
Jock McFarlane
6/21/15 Psalm Singing in Presbyterian Churches Then and Now
Explore historical antecedents to the demise of the Presbyterian Psalter in North America and consider recent attempts to reclaim Psalm singing in modern Reformed worship.
Martin Tel
6/14/15 How Matthew, Mark and Luke Together Shape Faith
How do contemporary Christian communities practically hear, read, meditate on, and respond to the Gospels? Should they have special priority in the life of faith? Is it possible to maintain the unity of scripture and its importance in the life of faith while supporting serious historical investigation?
Tom Hastings
5/17/15 Proclaim Release to the Prisoners
Centurion Ministries, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Jim McCloskey.  Recognized in North America as the pioneer in this field, CM has successfully reinvestigated and freed scores of factually innocent people within the U.S. and Canada. As Jim retires as Executive Director, he and a number of the prisoners CM has successfully freed join us for an hour of storytelling, celebration, and truth telling about injustices in the justice system.
Jim McCloskey
4/12/15 Mission…On the Edge of Campus and in the Hearth of Town
Learn about Breaking Bread, a 1001 New Worshipping Community, Theology on Tap and the role of a Campus Chaplain intentionally and creatively seeking to bridge the gap between “town and gown.”Send Hunger Packing Princeton (SHUPP), “Because NO child should go home hungry,” is a collaborative Princeton effort to distribute weekend food backpacks to local children who qualify for free or subsidized school lunches. Learn more about the problem and the SHUPP solution.
Tara Woodard-Lehman & Ross Wishnick
3/15/15 Faith and Aesthetic and Scientific Inquiry
Explore the relationship between the rationality of faith and the rationality of inquiry. Rather than focusing on faith in religion or religious claims, examine what it means to have faith in other matters, and by extension, to recognize that rational faith is integral to many types of aesthetic investigations–investigations into the artistic merits of paintings, movies, pieces of music etc.
Errol Lord
3/8/15 Princeton Seminary: A Community of Faith and Scholarship
Over the years Nassau Presbyterian Church and Princeton Theological Seminary have woven together a close partnership of ministry. Like all healthy organisms both the church and the seminary have experienced change. This presentation describes what is currently at the heart of the seminary.
Craig Barnes
3/1/15 Seeing All Things Whole: The Scientific Mysticism and Art of Kagawa Toyohiko
Based on his recent book of this title, Tom Hastings explores the genesis and development of Kagawa’s personalist, holistic, and ethical approach to the complementarity of science and redemptive love, or what he often called the “religion of life” and the “art of life.”
Tom Hastings
2/15/15 The Umbrella Movement
The Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong reads like a contemporary tale of David and Goliath. Young peaceful demonstrators held flimsy umbrellas to defend themselves against tear gas, pepper spray, and police batons. Besides the political parties and community groups, local Christians played a visible role in the democratic struggle. Explore the intersection of faith and politics in this unique moment in Hong Kong’s history.
Christie Chui-Shan Chow & Joseph Tse-Hei Lee

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