Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is the  way we minister to and with each other in daily living: sharing joys and  sorrows, supporting in times of stress and need, offering mutual forgiveness  and reconciliation. Our Lord taught us to love people in all of life’s circumstances in the church and beyond. We recognize life’s transitions which  bring joy and sorrow in human life: children are born, grow up, become  independent; people begin work, change jobs, retire; households are  established, many move to new locations, churches say hello and goodbye to many  new friends; people are empowered, restored, make new commitments.

The  ministries of pastoral care support people in recognizing, accepting, and  celebrating these and other such times of adjustment. The church engages in  ministries of care in its worship of God, and all of its members draw upon the  resources of worship in proving pastoral care. Scripture is central as our  support, comfort, and guidance. The proclamation of the Word in sermon and song  is God’s gift that bears witness to the resurrection and leads us to recognize  the Gospel life. Prayers – silent, spoken, and sung – give thanks, intercede,  make supplication, and acknowledge God’s presence and power.


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