Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is the way we minister to and with each other in daily living: sharing joys and sorrows, supporting in times of stress and need, offering mutual forgiveness and reconciliation. Our Lord taught us to love people in all of life’s circumstances in the church and beyond. We recognize life’s transitions which bring joy and sorrow in human life: children are born, grow up, become independent; people begin work, change jobs, retire; households are established, many move to new locations, churches say hello and goodbye to many new friends; people are empowered, restored, make new commitments.

The ministries of pastoral care support people in recognizing, accepting, and celebrating these and other such times of adjustment. The church engages in ministries of care in its worship of God, and all of its members draw upon the resources of worship in proving pastoral care. Scripture is central as our support, comfort, and guidance. The proclamation of the Word in sermon and song is God’s gift that bears witness to the resurrection and leads us to recognize the Gospel life. Prayers — silent, spoken, and sung — give thanks, intercede, make supplication, and acknowledge God’s presence and power.

Rev. Lauren J. McFeaters (;609-924-0103 x102)
Rev. Len Scales (; 609-924-0103 x505)
Taylor Austin, Pastoral Care Administrator (

Deacon Ministries

As ordained officers of the church, deacons are responsive to a variety of needs within our church family and they stand ready to minister in many of life’s transitions, challenges and joys.

According to the Book of Order (G-6.0400) the office of deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of sympathy, witness, and service after the example of Jesus Christ. It is the duty of deacons, first of all, to minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress both within and beyond the community of faith.

As ordained officers of the church, deacons are responsive to a variety of needs within our church family and they stand ready to minister in many of life’s transitions, challenges and joys. All deacons receive training in a variety of areas including visitation, prayer, grief, listening skills, vocation and the diaconate. Their mission is to serve our church family in the spirit of our Lord’s ministry of healing and compassion. At Nassau, deacons minister through Pastoral, Practical, and Specialized Ministries teams. The areas of ministries are listed below.

For further information, see What is a Presbyterian Deacon? (pdf).

Board of Deacons 

Class of 2020 Karen Berliner, Josie Brothers, Melissa Davis, Janine Edwards, Kate Harmon, Alan Hendry, Margaret Hill, Frances Katrishen, Anne Kuhn, Jeff Kuhn, Celia Tazelaar, Deborah Toppmeyer, Ned Walthall

Class of 2019 Ginger August, Sam Bezilla, Martha Blom, Beth Coogan, Marna Elliott, Cathy Hendry, Shuang Huang, Taesoon Kang,  Shana Lindsey-Morgan, Christian Martin, Marshall McKnight, Stefan Moorhead, Bob Pisano, Nancy Prince, Tom Rohrbach, Cara Ruddy, Betsy Ruddy, Pam Wakefield, Bill Wakefield

Class of 2018 Harriet Black, Jennifer Borowski, Ken Brown, Mary Brown, Morgan Burke, Betty Dominick, Lynette Dunn, Carol Fagundus, Elizabeth Gift, Joan Kettelkamp, Zahn Liu, Val Mathews, Janie Nutt, Janet Roman, Kirt Rosenbaum, Martha Sword, James Takasugi

Areas of Ministry

Pastoral MinistriesTime of Birth, Time of Illness & Hospitalization, Time of Later Life, Time of Bereavement

Practical MinistriesSunday Office & Telephone Duty, Ushering, Visitor Bags & Welcome, Sunday Morning Coffee Fellowship, Flower Prep

Specialized Ministries: Emergency Response Team, Sunday Bus Hospitality, Prayer Chain, Mission Cards & Crafters, Prayer Ministry, Congregational Photography, Baking and Cooking Ministry, Tuesday Walking Group