For the Deacons

Information for the Deacons, including important dates and notes for deacon training classes. To see the overview of Pastoral Care and a Deacon’s call, Pastoral Care contacts, the current Board of Deacons, and the Deacons’ areas of ministry, see the Pastoral Care page.

Home Communion Booklet


DEACON CLASSES 2022 2023 2024


Areas of Ministry

Pastoral Ministries

Older Adults, Illness & Rehabilitation, Bereavement (including our GriefEncounters Small Group)


Practical Ministries:

Congregational Welcome, Sunday Desk Hospitality, Prayer Ministry,  Advent & Lenten Care Package Delivery, Ushering, Emergency Response Team, Baking & Cooking Ministry, Justice Projects, Mission Cards & Crafters, Inter-Faith Stitchers


Worship Ministries:

Serving Communion, Baptismal Hospitality, Serving Home Communion, Leading Worship for the Service of Remembrance, Services of Wholeness & Healing, Advent & Lenten Services at Stonebridge and Windrows

Training Notes & Resources

Word and PDF documents with notes from our training classes.

Christ’s Healing Church

Deacon Prayer Walk

How to Pray for Wholeness

The Basics of Prayer_Handout

How We Think about Prayer_Handout

Loss Related to Aging

Visitation Workshop

Visitation Being the Presence of Christ

Ministry to Those Experiencing Grief