Immigration Resolution and Ministry Opportunities

The Session of Nassau Church has passed the following resolution, which was written for adoption by members of the Princeton Clergy Association:

“Love Your Neighbor/Welcome the Stranger”

As congregations serving the town of Princeton, we seek to live out the very foundations of our faith by being in solidarity with immigrants, refugees, and other vulnerable populations in our community. Our covenant is to a ministry of accompanying, advocacy, and bold, faith-filled hospitality. We seek to walk with and support individuals and families who are involved in immigration proceedings, to advocate for fair and just immigration policies, and to care for our neighbors negatively impacted or families torn apart by immigration enforcement.

We pledge to work with non-profit groups, schools, and public officials in representing and carrying out the values of loving neighbor, welcoming the stranger, and speaking up for those who have no voice.

Our intent is to continue to carry out our existing ministries and services while discerning how best to be faithful and serve in the months and years ahead.

Consistent with this resolution, members of Nassau Church who share a concern for immigrants carry out a variety of support activities and advocate for broad-based immigration reform. Two groups provide support services to our immigrant neighbors. Read about their activities below and reach out to the contacts listed to get involved.

For general questions about immigration advocacy and service, contact Bill Wakefield (609-306-5299;

Love Your Neighbor, Welcome the Stranger, Help Your Neighbor

This group connects volunteers to people in need, identified by the Princeton Clergy Association, Princeton Human Services, the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and the Neighborhood Sanctuary Alliance.

Volunteers are needed in a number of areas:

  • Legal aid
  • Notary public services
  • Support for people under deportation orders and their families
  • ESL instruction
  • Issuance of Community Identification Cards
  • Transportation for people without driver’s licenses
  • Support for frightened children
  • Monitor ICE operations in case of a raid
  • Friendship

If you want to help, please contact Frances Slade ( and indicate your areas of interest and skills.


If a person or family is actually and directly threatened with detention or deportation, the Session may take action to offer sanctuary in the church. In that eventuality, volunteers will be needed to provide a more intensive level of support, including:

  • Being on site or on call at night when the church is closed
  • Providing transportation for family members who are free to go to work, school, doctors appointments, etc.
  • Shopping for food and other basic needs
  • Liaison with LALDEF, a lawyer, or others who are providing other support
  • Going to immigration court with them to show support

If you would want to help, please contact Maureen Llort ( or Frank Llort (

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