Visual Arts

Conference Room Art Shows

Nassau’s Conference Room is transformed each month into an art gallery by curator and church member Sue Rodgers. Artists from our own congregation, from the broader Princeton community, and beyond share their work with us from October through May.

Sue Rodgers (

See the 2016 Conference Room Art Show schedule under Music and Arts Season.


Chancel Drama

In August, children, youth, and adults work together to prepare and present biblical musicals that serve as centerpieces to a worship service.

  • 2018. Once Upon a Parable
  • 2015. Oh Jonah!
  • 2014. Malice in the Palace: the Story of Esther

Christmas Pageant

Check out the casting call and rehearsal schedule for the 2016 pageant.

A beloved Christmas tradition.


Dancer Meagan Woods, who was Nassau’s 2011-2012 artist-in-residence, remains an active member of our congregation. She most recently choreographed liturgical dance pieces to accompany our parable sermon series in Lent 2016. Previously she presented the “Requiem” by John Rutter with members of her dance troop in March 2014.

Meagan Woods (