Adult Education – May 2019

Faith Journeys

We traveled the road to Jerusalem with Jesus, during Lent, and wrestled with the challenging questions put to Jesus by his own community. We are now an Easter people discerning how our Lenten journey directs (or re-directs) our days ahead.

Our two Adult Education sessions in May feature individuals from our community who came to faith in other cultures. They will share the stories of their own faith journey, their own questioning and where Jesus has led them.

Note: There is no Adult Education on Sunday, May 19, due to Confirmation, or Sunday, May 26, Memorial Day Weekend. Also, our summer worship schedule begins on Sunday, May 19, with one service only at 10 a.m.

Download the full brochure: May 2019 (pdf)

May 5

Bittersweet Christianity in Korea and Beyond: Wrestling with Economic, Religious, and Cultural Clashes

Sung Uk Lim and Seol Young Ryu, interviewed by Nate Stucky

9:30 a.m.
Assembly Room

In the last half of the 20th century, the rapid growth of the Korean economy accompanied by the rapid growth of Christianity in that country created an upheaval in their cultural landscape. Today we will explore the challenges of being Christian in Korea and in Korean-American churches. Come hear the stories of Sung Uk and Seol Young’s personal faith journeys as children in Korea. Then learn about their ministry to Korean immigrants wrestling with our white-dominated culture and their ethnic heritage.

Unfortunately, the recording for this class was not successful.

May 12

Bewildered Survival: Growing Up in Post-War Germany

Karlfried Froehlich

9:30 a.m.
Assembly Room

Growing up in Germany, Karlfried lived through the years of Hitler seizing power, experienced the pressure of the Nazi educational system, the initial war years with their German military triumphs but then, of course, the bitter years of retreat and defeat. As a teenager during the misery of the post-war years, he wrestled with the existential questions we all ask: What is the purpose of suffering? And how does a survivor find meaning in having survived? Come hear how his faith played a major role in his struggle to cope.


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