The resurrection is a central doctrine of the Christian faith and shapes Christians’ attitudes and responses to the event  of death. Death brings loss, sorrow, and grief to all. In the face of death Christians affirm with tears and joy the hope of the gospel. Christians do not bear bereavement in isolation but are sustained by the power of the Spirit and the community of faith. The church offers a ministry of love and hope to all who grieve.

from Directory for Worship, Presbyterian Church (USA), W-4.10001

Planning the details of a funeral or memorial service can be overwhelming, and we would like to assist you in any way we can. Our pastoral staff provides support and comfort to families in this time of need. A pastor also assists with the practical realities of dealing with grief and loss and leads the service.

If possible, a pastor should be notified as soon as possible after the death of one of our members.

For more information, to arrange a meeting with a pastor, or to schedule a funeral, please contact the church Office: Email the church office, 609-924-0103 ext. 0, or the Rev. Lauren McFeaters (Email Lauren McFeaters, 609-924-0103 x102).

A Service in Witness to the Resurrection and in Celebration of Life

Informed by the Book of Common Worship of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the funeral worship service known as A Service in Witness to the Resurrection and in Celebration of Life emphasizes the reading of scripture, preaching, thanksgiving, and prayer. The theme of the service emphasizes the love and grace of God and hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Services are typically held in the Sanctuary or Niles Chapel. Note that it can sometimes be challenging to schedule services on Saturdays and Sundays due to events already planned.

Our pastors and musicians are also available to participate with individuals and family members in pre-planning funeral arrangements.