Daily Prayer

As we respond to the Word with thanksgiving and intercession, daily prayer shapes Christian life. We learn the habit of gratitude for God’s grace; we learn to seek and trust God’s saving power.

—from “Daily Prayer” by the PC(USA)

Prayer is a gift from God. We seek to provide many resources to support your prayer life.

Prayer Chain

To request prayer for yourself, a loved one or friend, contact Debbi Roldan (Email Debbi Roldan) to initiate our church’s email prayer chain. You may also write your concerns in the prayer book or a prayer card in the entrance of the church. All concerns are confidential. If you wish to participate in this ministry, email Debbi to join the chain.

Resources from the PC(USA)

Our denomination has a number of useful prayer resources.

  • The Daily Prayer app provides a daily selection of psalm, Scripture reading, and prayer for a personal quiet time.
  • The Mission Yearbook features a different mission group every day to lift up in prayer to God

Prayers for God’s People

Below is a selection of prayers adapted from Let Us Pray, Louisville: Geneva Press, 2002, 133-151. These prayers offer examples of the words appropriate to the themes and seasons of life.

Prayers for the Natural World

GRANT us today, O God, a new look at your world and a new appreciation of all its wonders. Lead us by your Spirit to a heightened awareness of both creation and Creator, that we may be good stewards of your good earth; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

WE thank you, O God, for the amazing ways in which the world of your creation is woven together into the beautiful fabric that it is. Show us how to be those who care for your world and bring your shalom of wholeness to it; through Christ our Lord, who walked on this earth and shared its beauty with us. Amen.

ALL around us, O God, are the evidences of your creative power and the reminder of how all things essential for life on earth have been given to us. So keep us, we pray, from moving blindly through our days, from failing to pay attention to the lessons these gifts have to teach us, from failing to witness to others the source of the gifts, and from failing to thank you for them. Forgive us, and use us as you will, in the name and for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayers at the Time of Death

GOD of compassion, be with us when sorrow comes. Put your arms of love around us to hold us close, and underneath us to hold us up; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

GOOD Lord, we hurt today not only because of who we have lost but also because of what we have lost the chance to do or undo. If we had realized more, appreciated more, understood more, supported more, shared more, said more, loved more, our grief would not be taken away, but it might be easier to take.

Take away our guilt by the power of your forgiving love, so that our selfish preoccupations may not blight our thanksgiving for the life you gave us and the loves we have yet to live; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayers at the Time of Serious Injury and Illness

WHEN the world of our daily existence is suddenly turned upside down, O God, and suffering has come to us in a way we had never imagined possible, remind us that even such experiences as these can be a strengthening gift of your grace.

In your mercy let them bring into our lives a deeper faith, a more genuine compassion, and a stronger witness to the suffering love of Christ, who leads us through the darkness to the dawning of a new day. It is in his name and in his love that we pray. Amen.

GRACIOUS God, we give thanks for your abundant goodness to us. We know that you have promised to be with us through the valley of the shadow of death.

We are in agony now because of the horrible accident that has happened to your child, [name]. We give thanks for all who are caring for her/him—for their skill and expertise, their compassion and concern, their understanding and affection. Grant them wisdom and insight, and guide their minds and hands so that they might be instruments of healing.

O Lord our God, shower upon [name] the strength of your spirit and help her/him to live. Grant to her/him the awareness of your presence, calling her/him to new health and energy. And grant to us, who wait around her/his bed, the comfort of your love that will never separate us from your son, Jesus Christ, who died and rose again that we might live. In his name, we pray. Amen.

Prayers in the Time of Aging and Retirement

LORD, my times are in your hands. You know the circumstances of my beginning, the opportunities for growth, the experiences in schools and subsequent work. You know the times I’ve met opportunity head on and when I failed to rise to a challenge. All my ways are in your knowing, and all my times are in your hands.

So what now, Lord, at three score and ten? What is my calling when I’ve retired from a calling? Do you only call the young at some consecration campfire? Are you only the God of “productive years,” when energy is high and memory keen? Or are you the God of all times who sets the burning bush in unusual locations? I wait to see what sign will mark the way.

You have said that there is a time to build and a time to tear down, a time to plant and a time to reap, a time to spend energy in a profligate way, and a time to rest and to be still and know. But what is called for when summer turns to autumn? A new rhythm of venturing and relaxing, or a pulling in of ? O Lord, you know.

You know the skills you’ve given and the rich texture of experience you’ve woven, together with my desires and the gifts that now have mellowed. You know my times and the measure of my days. If it be your will, excite me with a call from some new horizon. I wait upon you; my soul waits more than those who wait to be entertained.

Be not far from me, Lord. Let me see the bush as a treasure in a field, and help me to discover it and turn toward it and give everything to possess it. I look for a challenge from you that’s a gauntlet with a gift in it—the gift of a renewed joy in following Jesus, the gift of being on the road with him even yet. Amen.

Prayers at the Time of Graduation

GRACIOUS and holy God, who creates us in the image of holiness and gives us the promise of abundant life, we thank you for the gifts of growth and maturity.

In your grace you bless us with the hope of goodness and the potential of well-being, and we pray that these blessings will be lights unto our path as we travel the challenging road of life. We thank you for the milestone of graduation, and we thank you for blessing received.

We thank you for love enjoyed, for values given in your Spirit and cherished by those that surround our graduate, for faith, and hope, and the support of family, friends, and community. We thank you for the promise you instill at inception and for the inheritance of faith that makes that promise real.

Inhabit the graduates’ hearts, O God, so that they may gain the confidence of one who knows not loneliness. Let your Spirit reside within their soul, O God, that they may be assured no trial is so great it will not end, no obstacle so overwhelming it cannot be conquered, no pain so intense it cannot be comforted.

Influence their vision, O God, that they may see beyond what is to behold the beauty of what, through your grace, can be. Lord, be with them. Guide their dreams, their thoughts, and their actions, that each may be a tribute to you and to those who love them.

Keep them in the inheritance of faith, which so many have worked hard to provide, and help them continue to grow in your way. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Prayers When Saying Goodbye

THANK you, God, for those moments when good memories of days past come flooding into our minds even as we are saying our goodbyes and looking forward to new experiences in days ahead. May those memories be fixed solidly within us and remain as a source of joy to be treasured and nurtured, that the old will not be lost when the excitement of the new is at hand. Through Jesus Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.

Prayers for New Friendships

ONE of our greatest blessings of life, O God, has been the gift of good friends who share with us the joys and the sorrows of life, its laughter and its tears, who know the times when words of comfort and assurance and guidance are profoundly helpful while knowing also the times when simple acts of loving support are enough.

Help us to learn these same lessons, we pray, that we will be good friends to others as others have been good friends to us. And keep us always open for the building of new friendships, not to weaken the old but to share in an ever expanding circle the riches of your never ending love; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayers in Time of Loneliness

DEAR God, the loneliness that has so suddenly come into our lives has been hard to bear and seems impossible to overcome. We turn to you in this hour of need to claim your promise that in your mercy you will always be with us and will always care for us, that you will be our constant companion and our dearest friend.

Embrace us in your love, we pray, and, as hard as it seems now, start us on the road back to life as you show us how to reach out to others in their loneliness as you reach out to us in ours; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

JESUS, you must have been very lonely when, as you faced death, your friends deserted you. I believe you can understand the terrible ache of loneliness that gnaws within me now. I know that there are people who care about me, but that knowledge does not relieve my pain.

I ask for the peace that the world cannot give or take away. I ask too that you open my spiritual eyes so that I may see the lonely ache in other lives. Please empower me to reach out to them with empathy and love and the assurance that your promises are trustworthy, that you are with us always, and that comfort, strength, and love are ours for the taking.

In the name of the only giver of true peace, we pray. Amen.