Appalachia Service Project 2019 – Required Forms

Final Payments and All Completed Forms are Now Due!

Please bring them to the church office during regular business hours or before worship on a Sunday morning, or mail them to:

Lauren Yeh
Nassau Presbyterian Church
61 Nassau Street
Princeton, NJ 08542

Sunday, May 5 – Organizational Meeting

On Sunday, May 5, we will meet for lunch and a brief organizational meeting in Room 302/303, after the second service (12:30-1:30pm).  Gather with your work team, learn about the project you’ll be working on, talk about what to pack, what to expect – get to know the 50+ other members of this year’s ASP Trip!

If you cannot make this meeting, please contact Mark Edwards (, 609-933-7599).

Items to review or complete before April 7:

  1. Read all ASP required documents:
    1. ASP Rules & Regulations ASP Expectations
    2. ASP Safety Manual ASP Safety Manual
    3. ASP 3 S’s (Sensitivity, Safety, and Stewardship) ASP 3 S’s
  2. Be prepared to sign the ASP Trip Covenant (the whole group signs the same document, text below) – sign on “Forms Day” April 7, at the Organizational Meeting in June, or contact Lauren Yeh
  3. Complete ASP Online Registration
    1. Complete ASP Volunteer Statement but do not sign it, VolRegStatement-Group7875 (pdf) – note, this is a 2 page document!
      (all the details you need for the online registration are on this form)
    2. Go to: http://www.servicenetwork.com/reg/APPSERV/Join.asp
    3. Our Group Number is: 7875 (changes each year)
    4. ASP Online Registration Instructions
  4. Review the Packing List ASP Individual Packing Youth with Mark’s suggestions

Forms to turn in:

  1. NPC Assumption of Risk & Release from Liability (Notarized)
    1. NPC Release and Wavier – Teens (pdf)
    2. NPC Release and Waiver – Adults (pdf)
  2. ASP Volunteer Statement, above (Notarized)
  3. Medical Insurance Card (copy front and back)
  4. Final Payment (contact Lauren Yeh if you are unsure of the amount due)

ASP Covenant Text:

A covenant is a promise or vow made between two parties. In Genesis, God took Abraham outside one night and showed him the stars in the sky. God promised that Abraham’s descendants would be as many as those stars and that from those descendants would come a Savior. We now know that the promise was kept in the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.

ASP covenants to our groups that we will do everything we can to facilitate a meaningful service opportunity. We will provide a center facility and staff; we will fulfill all the details that must come together to make a significant mission experience for our volunteers. As a part of the faith walk through service, ASP asks volunteers to enter into a covenant with ASP. Volunteers are asked to abide by the “Expectations, Rules, and Regulations” that make communal living and working successful. ASP also asks that volunteers abide by additional rules that may be given at their particular center.

Have each volunteer read the ASP “Expectations, Rules, and Regulations,” the 3 S’s: Sensitivity, Safety, and Stewardship, and the ASP Safety Manual before signing.

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