Youth and Children’s Choirs

CHOIR 2020-2021 Update:

One of the many joys we embrace is witnessing the musical gifts of our children and youth in our congregational worship of God. These offerings are an indication of the health of our church and are vital to our worship, and the values we inherently possess. That these programs continue to thrive and find new ways to grow in the coming year is of primary importance to who we are, and who we will become. 

Singing is a natural expression for the young child, and an important way for children to participate in worship, as well as learn about themselves and the world in which they live. We want our children and youth to continue to feel nurtured and supported in their musical development as it relates to their God-given voice, and in our current situation, are planning the following with regard to each of our five choirs for children and youth for the 2020-2021 program year:

Joyful Noise (Pre-K and K)

Ingrid Ladendorf will be teaching our Pre-K and Kindergarten Sunday School class on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m., beginning this September 2020. It is our hope that these children, who would be the age of those attending Joyful Noise, will continue to sing together and joyfully explore their voices in the context of online church school. With the permission of each family, we may attempt to record the singing of these children to be shared in worship in the coming months. 

Carol Choir (1st and 2nd graders)

This ensemble will meet via Zoom on Wednesday afternoons, from 4:15- 4:45 p.m. These online gatherings will include prayer, group singing and individual singing, as well as the development of pitch and beat accuracy in relation to music notation. As is permitted within our phases of re-opening, we hope to meet in small groups to explore instrument play (Orff, recorders, and rhythm instruments) and movement to music. With permission of each family, we may attempt to record the singing of these children to be shared in worship.

Choir 3·4·5 (3rd, 4th and 5th graders)

Choir 3·4·5 will continue to meet via Zoom on Wednesday afternoons, from 5:15-6:00 p,m. Typically very active in worship, this choir will continue to pray, learn new material and develop musicianship skills as well as build virtual choir offerings. Expression will be explored through movement via Zoom, and opportunities for solo singing will continue to be supported. As is permitted within our phases of re-opening, we hope to meet in person to explore instrument play (Orff, recorders, and rhythm instruments) as well as movement to music. 

Chorale and Cantorei (Junior and Senior High)

The musical development and singing confidence of the youth in these choirs will be supported in the coming months through individual Zoom voice lessons with Ingrid Ladendorf. These singers will learn new material, develop musicianship skills, and create virtual choir offerings, perhaps in conjunction with the adult choir. It is our hope that through these individual sessions, relationships will be upheld, knowledge and singing confidence can increase so that when we are permitted to sing together in person, we can gather with joyful conviction.

Please reach out with any questions, or just to say hello!  Take good care of yourselves, and enjoy some fresh air each day.

Sending much love to you all,


We are blessed with a thriving, active community of young singers at Nassau Presbyterian, ages four through high school.  By engaging with choral repertoire including music from around the world, and traditional hymns and songs from our faith, children and youth develop their musicianship skills and faithful service as leaders in worship. Our focus is on singing and instrument playing as an act of praise with gratitude for all that God has given us!

All choirs lead worship and special services throughout the year, September through May. These experiences deepen our faith as we remember years later the words of our song, and the joyful community we share together.

All children and youth are welcome, and we look forward to welcoming each one. Please feel free to contact me.

Ingrid Ladendorf
Associate Director, Choirs for Children & Youth
609-924-0103 x105
Email Ingrid


Joyful Noise

Our youngest choristers focus on musical activities that nurture inherent joy, collaboration, and a love of singing. Worship offerings are minimal, with the primary emphasis being comfort with the developing singing voice in a group setting.

Carol Choir

In Carol Choir children begin regular participation in worship as they expand their musical skills.  Focus remains on developing musicianship and ensemble skill through a love of singing, movement and playing rhythm instruments.

Choir 3-4-5

Through small group, solo and ensemble singing, choristers explore their individual voices in creating a beautiful choral sound. Movement, ear training, and improvisation along with opportunities to collaborate are fundamental in developing musicianship during these beautiful singing years. Choristers learn music notation and instrumental play through traditional hymns and anthems.

Wednesdays at Nassau also offer:

Bible study for parents, childcare for the young ones, and activities for older children.

See Partnering with Parents.


Middle school singers rehearse in sectionals as well as ensemble, to focus on the development of the changing voice and efficiently learn parts. In addition to vocal training and anthem preparation, rehearsals include musicianship skill and music literacy training, improvisation and small group collaboration.


Cantorei is our choir for high school youth. The Latin word Cantorei is defined as “people who provide music for their church.”  Cantorei offers challenging and diverse repertoire and frequently seeks youth soloists.  In addition to Sunday morning worship, Cantorei prepares music for Christmas Eve with choir alumni, Good Friday, and Youth Sunday services.

Worship Leadership

  • Regular music leadership in worship services (for details see each choir’s “schedule” above)
  • Christmas Pageant – Sunday, December 15, 2019 at 4 pm
  • Special services like Christmas Eve (with alumni), Youth Sunday (March 15, 2020), and Good Friday (April 10, 2020)
  • Summer Chancel Drama -Sunday, August 16, 2020 at 10 am
  • Special opportunities, including full-scale productions, conferences, and joint choirs with local churches as well as musical groups like the American Boychoir, Princeton Pro Musica, Trenton Children’s Chorus, and Philadelphia’s Singing City
  • Commissioned pieces, including by composers Daniel Gawthrop and David Brubeck
  • Recordings like Glory to God: Hymns and Songs for Children and Families (Singing Faith—All Day Long), Wings of Faith, and more

See our upcoming concerts in the Music and Arts Season.

Youth Choir Alumni

Our youth choir alumni are invited to sing every year in the 7:00 p.m. Christmas Eve service. Join the Youth Choir Alumni email list to receive rehearsal and performance details!



We also invite you to follow the Nassau Youth Choir Alumni Facebook page.