For the Deacons

Information for the Deacons, including important dates and notes for deacon training classes.

Deacon Classes 2023 – 2025

Class of 2023 Karen Barrows, Liz Beasley, Beth Coogan, Lynette Dunn, Miriam Eley, Zack Gilmore, Linda Jesse, Marshall McKnight, John Parker, Judy Shakespeare-Siano, Rob Siano, Susan Smiley, Pam Wakefield

Class of 2024 Lynn Charles, Caroline Purnell, Madelyn Patterson, Jeff Kuhn, Anne-Renee Rice-Soumeillant, Max Soumeillant, Rozlyn Anderson, Flood, Kristin Koop, Luka Poulton, Suh Shin Kim

Class of 2025 Maria Bowditch, Ken Brown, Grace Coogan, Holly Hardaway, Kim Kleasen, Cynthia Moorhead, Danielle Salapatas, Kelli Smith, Pierre Soumeillant, Kate Torrey, Louise Yang, Samuel Yang


DEACON SEPT 2022 – May 2023 Calendar

Deacon Senior Adult Partnerships

MASTER Deacons & Senior Adults FEB 2023

Deacon Teams:

DEACON TEAMS 2022-2023


DEACON Emails 2023-2025

Training Notes & Resources

Communion Server Instructions

2022-2023 Communion Schedule

2022-2023 Team A

2022-2023 Team B

2022-2023 Team C

2022-2023 Team D

Home Communion Booklet

A Guide to Prayer March 2023

Ministry to Those Experiencing Grief

Listening & Pastoral Care

Christ’s Healing Church

Deacon Prayer Walk

How to Pray for Wholeness

The Basics of Prayer_Handout

How We Think about Prayer_Handout

Loss Related to Aging

Visitation Workshop

Visitation Being the Presence of Christ