For the Deacons

Information for the Deacons, including important dates and notes for deacon training classes. To see the overview of Pastoral Care and a Deacon’s call, Pastoral Care contacts, the current Board of Deacons, and the Deacons’ areas of ministry, see the Pastoral Care page.

Deacon Class Years

Class of 2022: Glenn Imhoff, Christian Kirkpatrick, Eva McKenna, Claire Mulry, Bob Murdich, Janie Nutt, Beth Parker, Colleen Santoro, Marie Shock, Sharilyn Tel

Class of 2023: Karen Barrows, Liz Beasley, Beth Coogan, Lynette Dunn, Miriam Eley, Zack Gilmore, Linda Jesse, Marshall McKnight, John Parker, Judy Shakespeare-Siano, Rob Siano, Susan Smiley, Pam Wakefield

Class of 2024: Lynn Charles, Caroline Purnell, Madelyn Patterson, Jeff Kuhn, Anne-Renee Rice-Soumeillant, Max Soumeillant, Andre Soumeillant, Rozlyn Anderson Flood, Kristin Koop, Luka Poulton, Suh Shin Kim, Trevor Thornton, Thomas VanWart

Calendar: 2021-2022 Calendar

Areas of Deacon Ministry

Assignments: DEACON TEAMS 2021-2022

Pastoral Ministries

Older Adults, Illness & Rehabilitation, Bereavement

This also includes our GriefEncounters Small Group that supports the bereaved and mourning. Scheduled April 12 – May 17, 2022 in the church conference room, Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30 pm. For more information, please contact Marcia Wood or Lois Foley

Practical Ministries:

Sunday Morning Welcome, Prayer Chain Ministry, Sunday Morning Office Hospitality, Justice Projects, Emergency Response Team, Mission Cards & Crafters, Baking & Cooking Ministry

Worship Ministries:

Serving Communion, Baptismal Hospitality, Serving Home Communion, Leading Worship: The Service of Remembrance, Service of Wholeness & Healing, and Advent & Lenten Communion Services at Stonebridge and Windrows

Training Notes & Resources

Home Communion Booklet

Ministry to Those Experiencing Grief

Listening & Pastoral Care

Christ’s Healing Church

Deacon Prayer Walk

How to Pray for Wholeness

The Basics of Prayer_Handout

How We Think about Prayer_Handout

Loss Related to Aging

Visitation Workshop

Visitation Being the Presence of Christ