Outreach—Faith in Action

Learn more about how we seek to put our faith in action at Nassau Church and how you are being called to reach our neighbors near and far. Look for our #MissionMonday posts on social media as well as our website to learn more about our missing partners.

#MissionMonday Recaps (link)

Visit our Opportunities for Community Support post to learn more about ways you can support our community during the Covid-19 pandemic. We will update this post as we learn of new opportunities in the community.

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Find out more about our Mission and Outreach Opportunities:

Upcoming Mission & Outreach Events

Life at Nassau – Mission Edition 2019-20 (pdf)

This brochure is out of date but will give you an idea of some of the programs we support and activities that we organized pre-pandemic. Some of these we are able to reschedule with physically distanced protocols in place.

Partners, Groups, and Initiatives

Mission Partners

We have major mission partners in Trenton, Myanmar, and Malawi.

Mission Groups and Initiatives

God calls us to support and serve in many efforts in our community and region and around the world. How will you serve?

Young Adult Volunteers (YAVs)

We send and support young adults for a year of service in places of great need. They experience of a lifetime of change. Read reflections from YAVs who grew up at Nassau: Valentina O’Brien, & Katie Hastings.

Listen to Adult Education classes led by YAVs who grew up at Nassau:

Azing Chin (from August 2019)

Katie Hastings (from August 2018)