Interment Records

The Princeton Cemetery has made efforts to digitize available records from its over 265 years of operations. This website database and associated maps may be used to assist inquiries about specific lots. Due to the passage of time (including a fire in or about 1900), the database is not to be considered a complete or official record and is intended only as a helpful offering to the community. The contents of this website are not legal representations and should not be relied upon in any manner as a legal or otherwise binding record.

By using this database, you acknowledge that neither the Princeton Cemetery or Nassau Presbyterian Church are liable for any misrepresentations, inaccuracies, harm or injury resulting from use of the database.

  • The search process is very flexible. If you enter the letters “mi” in the last name search, you will find all individuals with “mi” in their last name (e.g. Cummings, Miller, Mitchell, Smith, etc.)
  • At times the spelling of a surname varies even within a family.
  • Spaces in names will show up in the search and sort differently.   For example, searching for McDonald/Mc Donald, MacDonald/Mac Donald or VanDyke/Van Dyke (with and without spaces) will each yield different results.
  • If you wish to see the complete list, click the search button (lower right) without any search criteria in the fields.
  • Click the map icon (lower left) to view the map. Use the Section, Block, Lot, and Grave numbers in an interment record to locate a grave on the map.

Notable Residents

For biographical information on some of our notable residents, please see our online brochure:

Princeton Cemetery Guide