The Art of Faithfulness

The Art of Faithfulness is an intentional ministry to bring together the wide range of creative arts and faith. We believe that creative arts are a powerful pathway to:

  • deepening our Christian faith,
  • discovering aspects of God’s purpose for our lives,
  • and serving the mission of Nassau Church.

We believe that the creative impulse is something we all share, given to us by God. Through The Art of Faithfulness, we will strive to provide creative opportunities for everyone of all ages and abilities (or creative spirit) to experience the powerful connection between creativity and faith.

The Art of Faithfulness: Photographing Parables

Thursdays, February 23 – March 30, 7:30-9:00 pm on Zoom

Ned Walthall & Tim Brown, leaders

Part of our Lenten Small Groups program. A man scattering seed on the ground. The bandaging of a victim’s wounds. A son so impoverished he is tempted to eat what pigs eat.  A silver coin, one among ten, lost and then found. Parables aren’t just words. They are visual and meant to be seen as much as heard. Sacred Art of Photography returns during Lent with a focus on the parables. Over six weeks we will give ourselves the gift of taking a good look around and seeing parables present in our world. No technical skill or experience in photography is required, just your imagination and the means to take a digital photograph.

Sign Up online (link available 2/6/23)

Contact Lauren Yeh in the church office (email)

The Art of Faithfulness: CreatioDivina

Mondays, Feb. 27-Mar. 28, 7:00-8:30 p.m. Assembly Room or Zoom

Carmelle Beaugelin, leader

Part of our Lenten Small Groups program. CreatioDivina, hosted by BeauFolio Studio, incorporates the spiritual practice of Lectio Divina alongside a guided practice of sacred art-making with the benefit of fostering ideation, collaboration, and courageous conversations. During this 5-week journey, we will utilize creativity to explore the question, “what were we created to create?” Painting is the medium, but no prior expertise is required. Supplies will be provided and will include oil pastels and cambric cloth. CreatioDivina kits for virtual participants will be made available for pick up at church prior to the series. The sessions will include reflection on our own histories, images of Jesus, community, and prayer, using the process of painting as a pathway towards a deeper connection with God and each other.

Sign Up online (link available 2/6/23)

Contact Lauren Yeh in the church office (email)

The Singing of Stars: Poetic Reflections on Creation, the Universe and God’s Majestic Artistry

Mondays, Jan. 30, Feb. 6, 13, 20, 7:00-8:30 p.m. Conference Room or  Zoom

Roz Anderson Flood, leader

This workshop is designed for those who desire to experience how the reading and writing of poetry can be a path towards deeper faith.  The workshop will derive themes from God’s Creation Story and humanity’s place within it.  Our “poetic reflections” will be inspired by curated poetry written over the centuries, as well as recent visual images from NASA’s Webb Telescope.  Participants will have an opportunity to write and read their own poems and/or interpret relevant poems by other poets.

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Art of Faithfulness: Movement with Annalise Hume

Mondays, Nov. 14 – Dec. 12, 7:30-8:45 pm, Assembly Room or Zoom

Have you ever considered what gratitude feels like? What does it feel like to wait for something you really want, something that could change everything? By tuning in to our own bodily experiences and movements we can freshly experience the Thanksgiving and Advent season this year. Each week we will experience a passage of scripture or theological theme through a combination of prayer, movement, play, and journaling. No prior movement experience is necessary. These classes are for middle school through adults of all abilities and disabilities.

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Contact Lauren Yeh in the church office (email)

Art of Faithfulness: Musica Divina

Mondays, Oct. 17-Nov. 7, 7:15-8:45 pm, Niles Chapel or Zoom

The Art of Faithfulness continues this year and begins with exploring the connection between music and faith. We will use the practice of Musica Divina, supported by our art of listening, reflection, journaling and discussion to explore music and it’s power to lift our faith to new heights. Musica Divina is a practice that we will cultivate and every week we will use music selected for the group and by the group, anticipating meaningful experiences and conversations as a result. Bring an open heart and mind, your faith and a desire to grow in faith and your love of music, which we all share.

Contact Kim Kleasen, group leader (Email)