Church School Teacher Page

Sunday Morning Procedures

Download a copy of the 2017-2018 Church School Calendar (pdf).

Arrive Early

Arrive at the classroom no later than 9:00 am to greet early arrivers and prepare your room. The Nursery (Room 09) will be staffed by 8:45 am so that teachers may leave their own young ones there in time to be in their own classrooms. Leave your classroom for worship, with any children who have come early, by 9:10 am. Turn off the lights, close the door.

Download the Church School Teaching Teams (pdf) which also lists room numbers.

Worship Together

Children’s church school classes (age 3 through grade 5) attend the first 15 minutes of the 9:15 am worship service. Meet in the sanctuary for worship together in the front pews. Once the children are dismissed, return to your room as a group. We hope many of the children will sit with their parents, and then join you as they leave for church school. Many parents, especially of the younger children, will escort their children to church school.

Take Attendance Every Sunday

Pick up your attendance folder in the main office before you go to your room. Record attendance of those listed; for new attendees, please have parents complete a visitor form and place it in your folder; note “new” and write name on attendance list. Ask them or their parents to complete a registration form so that we can put them in the church school records (Registration forms are in your attendance folder, additional forms can be found in the literature rack outside the main office.) Office staff will add them to the roster.  Teachers and Substitutes, please mark yourself in each Sunday so we have a record of teacher participation as well.


Church school is over at 10:30 am for all ages.  Ages 2- Grade 2 classes are dismissed to parents only; other classes are directed to meet their parents in the Assembly Room at 10:30 am.

Return Attendance Folder to the Office

Return your folder to the Main Office at the end of your class session. Enclose notes for Corrie or Lauren and offering envelopes.

Important Teaching Information

Call a Substitute if You Will Be Absent

Check the Teacher List for substitutes specifically assigned to your group. If you know ahead that you will be away, please call a substitute at least one week before the date and provide them with any materials they will need to prepare. Normally, we would expect that the other members of the team would take the main responsibility for planning and conducting a session when their co-teacher(s) are absent. If you are ill or unable to attend at the last minute, please notify your co-teacher(s) and still call a substitute to be a helper in the classroom.

Download the Teacher & Substitute List (pdf) for email addresses and phone numbers.

Plan for Music in the Classroom

Please sing! Singing is a wonderful way to teach Bible stories, supplement activities, praise God, prepare children to participate in worship, and have fun. Teaching, praise, and enjoyment are the goals, not choir quality music. Identify the musical talent in your teaching team and capitalize on it! Ask for help if you need it.

Singing with the children may be an intimidating thought, so here are some ideas to break the ice. Simply play a curriculum CD or other meaningful CDs in your classroom. This year we have supplied each classroom with the new CD, Singing Faith All Day Long. You can start out by using them as background music, or you can get the words and let the CD lead the children while they listen.  Older students may enjoy helping to lead singing.

Music Resources:

  • Leaders – we have people eager to help you with music leadership in your classroom, if you so desire. Please ask!
  • Pianos – most classrooms have a piano. If you find yours terribly out of tune, let us know.
  • Rhythm Instruments – you will find containers of rhythm instruments in the supply closets on the lower level. Please return them after each week you use them.

Children’s Library

Our Children’s Library, located adjacent to the Sanctuary, is a fabulous resource for Teachers and Families alike. This room is available for use by the Sunday School Classes during the Sunday School hour.  Checkout procedures are posted in the room.  Sunday School classes and teachers are welcome to make use of this space on Sunday mornings.

Use of Copy Equipment

The copier in the church office is available for your use on Sunday mornings. Please ask for assistance if you are unfamiliar with the equipment. Black & White copies are available without using a code. The code to access color copies is 5305, then press “enter” on the video display. The machines all have their own peculiarities. Also, if a machine jams, please let someone in the office know so that it can be fixed or labeled “out-of-order.” With advance notice, we can make copies for you during the week and leave them in your attendance folder.

Supplies & Supply Closet

Church school supplies are in the supply cabinets on the lower level. Please help yourself to whatever you need, keeping in mind that all classes share the resources. Please put items back where you found them, working to keep the closet tidy and organized.

You also have a designated church school storage closet in your room. Many supplies are already there, including a first aid kit. Keep a stock of items you will need regularly, such as scissors, glue, markers, crayons, paper, etc. Return specialty items to the supply cabinets so that others have access to them. If you have any special needs, please let us know.

Safety & Evacuation Procedures

Download the Church School Safety Procedures (pdf) and the Remind Text Service – Sign Up Instructions (pdf).

Child illness/injury during Church School:

 First Aid kits are located in each church school classroom and maintained by the Deacon Emergency Response Team so that all contents are up-to-date and complete.  If you notice that anything is missing, please leave a note in your attendance folder for the Office Staff.

On-call medical personnel are available every Sunday morning. The Deacon on call, seated at the deacon’s desk in the church office, has this person’s contact information. If you are in need of emergency assistance with a child, please contact the deacon and inform him/her of your need and locate the child’s parents/guardians. If the parent is not in the building, parent contact information is in the “Child/Youth Registration” Book, a print out of all the church school registration forms that is kept at the Deacon Desk on Sunday mornings.

Parent does not pick up child on time:

If for some reason a child is not collected before all teachers need to leave for worship or other activities, please bring the child to the deacon’s desk, inform the deacon of your situation, and contact the parents or have the deacon contact the parents using the contact information in the Registration Book (described above).  Please have child remain in office until parents arrive.

Child Protection Policy Training: 

Nassau Church has an established the Child, Youth, Volunteer & Staff Protection Policy which “demonstrate[s] our absolute and unwavering commitment to the physical safety and spiritual growth of all of our children and youth.  We are committed to maintaining a safe environment in which children and youth are protected from inappropriate treatment of any kind. Our intent is to protect children and youth in all church programs, to educate all workers and caregivers concerning pertinent issues, and to protect staff, volunteers, and the church itself, from potential allegations of abuse and neglect” (from the Protection Policy Statement of Purpose).

Training in this policy for all volunteers and paid employees who work with children and/or youth is offered online.  Contact Corrie Berg or Lauren Yeh if you are unsure of your training status.

As part of this policy, background checks are conducted every three years on all volunteers and staff.

Evacuation Procedures

In the event that staff and students must leave the church building, we will meet on Cannon Green.

Walking away from Nassau Street, Cannon Green is to the left of Alexander Hall, which is immediately behind the church building.  See map below.

Please ensure:

  • You have all children in your care accounted for (grab your church school folder as you leave)
  • You escort the children calmly to the nearest exit
  • You walk to the appointed gathering place (Cannon Green)

If the evacuation is due to a lock-down on the Princeton University campus, the alternative gathering spot will be Palmer Square – the grassy area in front of the Nassau Inn.