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Thank You from Presbyterian Hunger Program

Your generosity to Nassau’s Hunger Offering is having an impact! Hear how from one of our seven partner organizations in a note from Rebecca Barnes, Coordinator of the Presbyterian Hunger Program. Thank you for giving until all are fed.

Dear members of Nassau Presbyterian Church,

We here at Presbyterian Hunger Program are writing to sincerely say thank you for your gifts. They are a huge help in a hard year, showing both your presence and care, as well as financial undergirding of this ministry that works to alleviate hunger and eliminate its root causes of hunger and poverty.

As people of faith, we’re called to notice, pray for, and act in the world around us. And we’re called to speak hope, to be beacons in difficult times. We all know that so far in 2020, we are living in the midst of an intense, exhausting, difficult period.

Your contributions are a sign of hope. Because of you, churches and organizations are able to distribute more food to people who are hungry and also to do education and advocacy to help ensure future food security for vulnerable communities. Because of you, global partners living in places of war, violence, famine, drought or flooding have better access to safety, health, and basic needs. Because of you, activists working on root causes of hunger who have been targeted, threatened, or worn out, know that they are not alone.

The people, churches and organizations that we relate to in this work also bring hope to this world, and they show signs of how love, mercy, and justice can break through difficult moments in history to shine brightly. We are grateful for them, and grateful for you, and grateful to have this calling entrusted to us by God, who holds the whole world in caring hands.

Thank you,

Rebecca Barnes

Coordinator, Presbyterian Hunger Program


*Photo thanks to PHP partner BeLoved Asheville

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