Prayer Resources

Nassau’s Daily Scripture Line

Honoring all of the different ways we connect with one another we are happy to share our Nassau phone line available for dial-in calls to receive a Scripture Reading, Prayer & Blessing. The phone line is for everyone, and especially for those who do not have access to smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Simply call 609-683-1975 each day for a recorded scripture lesson and more. Thank you for spreading the Good News!

Prayer Chain

The ministry of prayer is part of the baptismal calling of every believer. We pray for the world because God so loves the world. We pray for the church because it is Christ’s body, living and working in the world. We pray for one another because we care for the wholeness of God’s people. To request prayer for yourself, a loved one, or a friend please contact Debbi Roldan. To join the prayer chain, send Debbi your email address or phone number.

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