Interment Records

The Princeton Cemetery is in the midst of a multi-year project to digitize all of the records from over 250 years of operations.  One result of this monumental task will be a searchable listing on our website of all of the individuals interred, as well as digital maps to lead those making inquiries to a specific lot.


For biographical information on some of our notable residents, please see our online brochure that may be found here as a PDF.


We are beginning to roll out the listings of interments in the Princeton Cemetery.  The initial searchable listing only contains a small portion of the cemetery.  We will be adding to this listing as the project continues.  For this listing of interments, please search here.

The search process is very flexible.  If you enter the letters “mi” in the last name search, you will find all individuals with “mi” in their last name.  (e.g. Cummings, Miller, Mitchell, Smith etc.)  If you wish to see the complete list, search using the magnifying glass button without any criteria.