June 2021 – Adult Education

June 20 & 27, 2021

Erik H. Erikson: Resource for Insight and Self-Reflection

with Rubén Arjona, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care at Union Presbyterian Seminary.

The German-American psychologist Erik H. Erikson is well-know for his psychosocial theory of human development. Erikson posited that in addition to paying attention to the psychological and physiological dimensions, caregivers ought to also consider the social processes of a person’s life. Erikson is also famous for his formulation of the life stages of human life. At Princeton Theological Seminary, Professor Donald Capps dedicated many years to reflect on the significance of Erikson’s theory for pastoral care.

These two classes offer an overview of Erikson’s theory and its relevance for personal and collective self-reflection.

Rubén Arjona is an ordained minister in the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico. Before being appointed to the faculty of Union Presbyterian Seminary he served as Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology and Care at Iliff School of Theology in Denver, CO.

Inspired by his work in various congregations in Mexico City and his mentorship of students in Mexican seminaries, Arjona pursued graduate studies in pastoral care and pastoral theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. In addition to serving as instructor in seminaries in his native Mexico, Dr. Arjona served his denomination as executive secretary of its board of education and moderator of the Berea Presbytery in Mexico City.

June 27 | Life Stages of Adulthood

June 20 | Erickson’s Life Cycle Theory

June 6 & 13, 2021

The Symbiosis of Mental Health, Faith,  and Self-Care.

Join Cam Stout and Len Scales for a two-part discussion on the powerful opportunity faith communities have to support mental health and attack stigma.

Cam Stout is a Deacon at Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church in Princeton, NJ; and the founder of Stout Heart. Over the last seven years, Cam has shared his story of hope and resilient recovery from a major depression and his ongoing sobriety over 120 times. His audiences include fellow legal professionals, students from high school through graduate school, and members of faith communities. He also blogs about mental wellness and self-care at www.lightatseaatstoutheart.org.

Len Scales serves as the part-time pastor for Mission & Outreach at Nassau Presbyterian Church in Princeton, which includes involvement with the Witherspoon Street & Nassau Partnership Team. It is a joy to share the gifts and wisdom of our congregations with one another!

June 13 | Mental Health & SEAL Teams

In the second session, hear more about Cam’s current speaking and mentoring work, and learn about how he supports his and others’ self-care and wellness by recruiting what he calls a Supportive, Energizing, And Loving (SEAL) Team. It is when we share our challenges and stories that we build communities of faith and healing, while defeating the stigma around mental health conditions.

June 6 | Mental Health & the Role of Faith Communities

In the first session, hear Cam’s personal story of challenge and healing, including how the dark depressive season of his life gave rise to his faith, which in turn has become an integral part of his self-care.

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