#MissionMonday – Trenton Microloan Collaborative

The Trenton Microloan Collaborative is a partnership between Nassau Presbyterian Church, Princeton, and Westminster Presbyterian Church, Trenton. The mission of the Trenton Microloan Collaborative is to support formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs in the Trenton area.

  • We support them with zero interest loans or pro bono accounting services or other needs that emerge as we walk alongside them after they have been approved as a loan recipient. They need to already have been in business for 2 years.
  • A microloan is a small loan – $2,000 or less – for a microbusiness. A microbusiness, which is most businesses in the U.S., is 5 employees or fewer.
  • Building a business is challenging for anyone. But it’s especially challenging for those who have a criminal record and are attempting to reintegrate into society, perhaps even for the first time.

As the Trenton Microloan Collaborative, we are seeking to be a witness to God’s transforming love in our local neighborhoods, in our local economy. We’re looking for donations, for pro bono business support, and for referrals of applicants.

Trenton Microloan Collaborative co-chairs:

Pastor Karen Hernandez-Granzen (email), Westminster Presbyterian Church
Jacque Howard (email), Westminster Presbyterian Church
Jonathan Shenk (email), Nassau Presbyterian Church