Annalise Hume, Artist-in-Residence

2021-2022 Artist Residency

The Worship & Arts Committee is pleased to welcome back Annalise Hume to Nassau Church, this time as our artist-in-residence in dance.  As part of her residency, you are invited to participate in one of two groups who will explore the interrelationship of movement and faith.

Find out more and sign up online:

Movement & Faith

Dance Bio

As a young child, Annalise was in perpetual motion, practically dancing before she even walked. Thankfully, her parents decided to channel that energy by placing her in dance classes in her hometown of Boise, Idaho. In high school, Annalise juggled her classroom studies while dancing with the professional contemporary ballet company, Idaho Dance Theater.  Annalise went on to earn her BFA in Dance from the University of Minnesota. She performed work by Jawole Will Jo Zollar, Makeda Thomas, Colleen Thomas, and more.  The dance program at the U of M focused on dance in a cross-cultural context, so Annalise was mentored by choreographers from Africa, India, and Latin America. This fact, combined with her love of learning and travel, fueled a decision to live in South Africa and work with the performing arts non-profit, 13thFLOOR. Upon moving back to the States, she taught jazz dance performance at Boise State University and performed with Off Center Dance and Project Flux in Boise.

While eventually leaving the stage to pursue full-time ministry, Annalise still sees her role as inviting others to dance with the Divine. She has an M.Div and M.A. in Christian Education from Princeton Theological Seminary. She spends her time teaching, facilitating movement workshops, and offering Spiritual Direction to others with the hope of helping individuals and groups take steps towards wholeness and flourishing. Her passion is to help others embrace their embodied existence and live out their incarnated faith.

Artist Statement

Much of my experience growing up in the American Church, as well as my pursuit of theological education, left me feeling disembodied. The body and flesh were things to be overcome rather than celebrated as integral to our experience of faith. However, as Christians, we confess faith in an Incarnated Christ, the Word made Flesh—as such, our embodied experience must matter!

Weaving together resources from Dance Movement Therapy, neuroscience, theology, and transformative learning theories, I invite people into more holistic and embodied spiritual practices. Come, dance with the Divine.

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Adult Education – Emerging Leaders of the Church (9/26-10/10)

Come meet the next generation of leaders for the church and academy. We are excited to introduce three seminary students on three distinct educational paths. Learn how they are combining their unique skills and background with their training at Princeton Theological Seminary to become our pastors, professors, and Christian leaders.

Audio recordings will be posted below each class description.

Current Covid Protocols for Adult Education

Our presenters are fully vaccinated and will comply with our testing protocol for worship leaders. Social distancing will apply in the Assembly Room with seating limited to 40 and masking inside the building will continue.

September 26 | William Stell

Evangelicalism and Homosexuality: Revisiting the History

Many people assume that more or less all evangelicals have held the same antigay positions throughout their movement’s history. This class will explore how American evangelicals’ discourse on homosexuality has changed over time and will narrate the history of a small group of evangelical gay activists in the 1970s and 1980s. The work of these activists helped to spark an evangelical antigay backlash, which in turn helped to generate today’s assumptions about evangelicalism and homosexuality.

Rev. William Stell is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Religion at Princeton University. He is also an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and previously served as the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Bordentown.

October 3 | Chauncey Handy

Everyone is an Ethnic Reader: Ethnicity and Old Testament Interpretation

Rev. Chauncey Diego Francisco Handy is a Chicano Teaching Elder in the PC(USA) and PhD Student in Old Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary. Come and explore how his research in the Old Testament sheds light on how our ethnic backgrounds and diverse heritages shape the ways we read our Bibles.

Chauncey Handy was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest where he learned to love the outdoors. When he’s not living with his computer in a tunnel of books, he enjoys cooking, kung fu, and enjoying time with his friends and family. He and his wife Cate have a little girl named Clara who just turned a year old.

October 10 | Kamaria Byrd-McAllister

 Making it Matter on the Ground!

Learn about the seminary journey of Princeton Theological Seminary Senior, Kamaria Byrd-McAllister and how she is transforming the lessons of the ivory tower and making them matter on the ground. Join us in exploring the ways in which seminary is helping her to have a more impactful ministry in her church and community.

Kamaria Byrd-McAllister has been elected for ordination in the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) and serves with her husband at Heard AME church in Roselle, NJ. She is currently in the MDiv/MSW program at PTS and Rutgers University. Prior to attending seminary she was a counselor for children and youth with emotional and behavioral challenges.


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Movement & Faith (Sept-Dec 2021)

Christians confess faith in an Incarnated Christ, the Word made Flesh—as such, our embodied experience matters! Our bodies are central to our human flourishing. Join this biweekly, semester-long cohort led by our 2021-22 Artists in Residence, Annalise Hume, if you find yourself yearning for a fresh way to experience God and live out your faith. Think of it as a bible study that literally moves you. By weaving together resources from Dance Movement Therapy, neuroscience, theology, and situated and transformative learning theories, we will explore movement and scripture and how they inform each other.

No previous dance, yoga, or movement experience is necessary. All you need is a willingness to explore and play. Participants will be encouraged to try new ways of moving and thinking about embodied faith, but they are always welcome to sit and observe.

Choose between the in-person or ZOOM cohort.

Zoom Cohort, Mondays 7:30-8:45 PM

  • Sept. 27
  • Oct. 11, 25
  • Nov. 8, 22
  • Dec. 6

In-Person Cohort, Mondays 7:30-8:45 PM

  • Oct. 4, 18
  • Nov. 1, 15, 29
  • Dec. 13

Sign Up Here:
Sign Up!

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Adult Education – September 12 & 19

Azusa Reimagined: What this revival teaches us today

To be Christian is to be Pentecostal. But what does “being Pentecostal” mean? These two adult Sunday school sessions suggest that reclaiming the Azusa Street Revival of 1906 for the church can help us re-envision and revolutionize our theological imagination about what it means to be people of Pentecost.

Audio recordings of each class will be posted here.

Part One:

Part Two:


Keri Day is an Associate Professor of Constructive Theology and African American Religion at Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, NJ. She has three published books, her most recent work entitled Notes of a Native Daughter: Testifying in Theological Education. She has also been recognized by ABC News as one of six black women at the center of gravity in theological education in America.

Current Covid Protocols for Adult Education

Our presenters are fully vaccinated and will comply with our testing protocol for worship leaders. Social distancing will apply in the Assembly Room with seating limited to 40 and masking inside the building will continue.

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#MissionMonday – Disaster Relief, opportunities to help

As neighbors near and far face the impact of disasters, we are grateful to partner with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and other organizations working with those on the ground.

Afghan Refugees

As we join our prayers for the individuals and families impacted by the violence in Afghanistan, Nassau is in conversation to help resettle a family through Church World Service. We are grateful for Princeton Seminary’s willingness to partner again regarding housing. More information will be forthcoming on how the congregation can be of assistance in the coming weeks and months.

Donations are also welcome to the overall work Church World Service is undertaking to assist Afghan Refugees at this time. For more information and ways to give, visit: How to Help Afghans – CWS (cwsglobal.org). To give through Nassau write a check to Nassau Presbyterian Church and note “Refugee Fund” in the memo line.

Assistance for Friends For Health in Haiti (FFHH)

On August 14 at 7:28 a.m., a 7.2 magnitude earthquake occurred in Haiti. Our ministry partners at the Gatineau Clinic in the mountains outside Jérémie need our help. Katie Wolf M.D, Medical Director, from the Kingston Presbyterian Church and her staff are safe and are busy assessing damage and needs of the surrounding communities. FFHH is sharing daily news from the region and has set up an earthquake relief fund. For more information and ways to give, visit: Friends for Health in Haiti.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance for Haiti

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance has had long-standing decades-long partnerships in Haiti. Working closely with Presbyterian World Mission, our traditional partners on the ground and ACT Alliance, PDA is responding to emergency needs such as WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), emergency power generators, shelter, food, first aid and more. We remain committed to the long-term recovery. To give online go to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (pcusa.org). To give through Nassau, write a check to Nassau Presbyterian Church and note “Haiti” in the memo line.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance for Hurricane Ida

PDA is responding to Hurricane Ida. For donation details and to watch for additional information, visit Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (pcusa.org). To give through Nassau write a check to Nassau Presbyterian Church and note “Ida” in the memo line.

To give to any one of these funds online, please review the details on our “Give Now” page:

Give Now (link)

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Childcare Opportunities

Childcare positions are available for the 2021-22 program year.

The positions are $12/hour, minimum of 2 hours per shift, 2 trained childcare workers are assigned to any one shift.

First Aid Certification with Infant/Child emphasis is preferred but not required. The Church occasionally offers this training to volunteers and childcare workers.

Before hire applicants must successfully complete our child protection policy training including a criminal background check and an interview with the Director of Children’s & Family Ministry.

Please contact Lauren Yeh (, 609-924-0103 x106) for more information or to schedule an interview.

Year-long (September to May)

Sunday Mornings,  8:45 AM-12:30 PM

  • 2021: September 12 – December 19
  • 2022: January 9 – May 15

Wednesdays, 4:00-5:30 PM

  • 2021: September 22 – December 15 (except November 24)
  • 2022: January 12 – May 11 (except April 13)


Special Services

  • December 19, 2021: 2:30-4:30 PM
  • December 24, 2021: 2:30-4:30 PM & 6:00-8:30PM
  • March 2, 2022: 6:30-8:30PM
  • April 14, 2022: 6:30-8:30PM
  • April 15, 2022: 11:30AM – 1:30PM


Weekdays On-call for Special Sessions


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#MissionMonday – Week of Action, August 23-29, 2021

Shades of Oppression, Resistance, and Liberation

Join with Presbyterians across the country August 23–29. PC(USA) staff have curated a week of action on the theme “Shades of Oppression, Resistance and Liberation.” Each day will lift different voices and champion justice. For more information visit: https://www.pcusa.org/weekofaction/

  • Monday, August 23 – Middle East Peace… Our Peace
  • Tuesday, August 24 – Vivencias Hispano-Latinas: Unidad en Cristo AND Systemic and Racialized Poverty
  • Wednesday, August 25 – LGBTQIA+ Resilience
  • Thursday, August 26 – No More Stolen Relatives: Murdered Missing Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit People
  • Friday, August 27 – AAPI Resilence, Resistance, Power & Affirmation
  • Saturday, August 28 – Black Lives Matter
  • Sunday, August 29 – Gun Violence Response and Recognition

Follow #MissionMonday on our social media platforms to hear about how, with your help, Nassau Presbyterian Church is supporting others in our town, our state, and across the world.

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#MissionMonday – Young Adult Volunteers

Introducing Jordan and Helen

The Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program is an ecumenical, faith-based year of service for young people (ages 19–30) in sites across the United States and around the world. YAVs accompany local agencies working to address root causes of poverty and reconciliation. Alongside this work, volunteers explore the meaning of their Christian faith and accountability to their neighbors in the community with peers and mentors.

Nassau is excited to hear from these two young adults connected to our congregation as they prepare for their YAV year in this Moment for Mission. Please join in praying for Helen and Jordan.

Learn more about the YAV program

YAV on PCUSA (website)

Learn more about Nassau’s 2021-22 YAVs:

Follow #MissionMonday on our social media platforms to hear about how, with your help, Nassau Presbyterian Church is supporting others in our town, our state, and across the world.

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School Supplies 2021

Trenton students head back to school – help us provide the supplies they need for success.

Every September the new school year brings excitement and lots of new goodies. This year students will be returning from virtual or hybrid learning during the pandemic to the more familiar routines of the schoolhouse. In any event, the supplies add up. In 2019 the average family spent over $200 per student, just too much for many families in our area.

We are joining with Westminster Presbyterian Church (WPC), our partner church in Trenton, to provide 250 backpacks filled with essentials for local kids.  WPC will distribute the school supplies in partnership with Trenton Music Makers, the Apostalic Church, LALDEF, and Sprout University of the Arts.

Monetary donations can be made by check or online. Make checks out to Nassau Presbyterian Church, noting “School Supplies” in the memo line and drop in the collection plate or mail to the church office. Use the button below to donate online, choose “School Supplies” from the drop-down Funds box.

Give Now (link)

Every gift helps better prepare children for the year ahead with needed school supplies and with the knowledge that the wider community is cheering them on. Thank you!

Donations will be accepted through Sunday, August 15.

Please bring new backpacks to worship on Sunday mornings and place them in the marked basket in the narthex.

To fill the backpacks, we have found that monetary donations go the farthest so that Nassau can purchase grade-specific school supply packs in bulk. Thank you for giving as you are able to help make sure students in Trenton are better prepared for the academic year ahead.

Sample school supply bundles:

  • Elementary Pack, $24
    (includes 4 wide rule spirals, 2 paper folders, 1 pink eraser, 1 scissor, 1 ruler, 2 glue sticks, 1 liquid glue, 1 pack of Crayola markers, 1 pack of Crayola crayons, 1 pencil box, 8 #2 pencils)
  • Middle School Pack, $32
    (includes 20 #2 pencils, 1 large glue sticks, 10 washable markers, 12 colored pencils, pencil sharpener, 24 crayons,  3 pens, 2 large pink erasers, 1 70-sheet spiral wide ruled notebook, 1 wide ruled composition notebook, 4 2-pocket folders, scissors, ruler, 2 dry erase markers, 1 yellow highlighter)
  • High School Pack, $45
    (includes 2 3-ring binders, filler paper, 6 pocket folders, 4 1-subject notebooks, 2 composition books, 12 blue pens, 12 black pens, 3 mechanical pencils with erasers, 12 colored pencils, index cards, 3-ring pencil pouch, pencil sharpener)

Once we fill 250 backpacks, additional funds will purchase art supplies for Hedgepeth/Williams Middle School for the Arts.


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Nelson Mandela Day – July 25 (new date)


Due to the weather expected the weekend of July 17-18, plans have been pushed forward one week.

Sunday, July 25 – 1:00-2:30 p.m.

The United Christian Church of Levittown invites Princeton friends to join for Mandela Day on Sunday, July 25. Participate in the international unity walk and/or financially support access to quality education in South African preschools.

What is Mandela Day?

Honoring the legacy of former South African president Nelson Mandela, his July 18th birthday is an annual occasion to focus on the ability and responsibility we all have to change the world for the better!

International Walk in Unity

Join us for a 1 mile meditation walk to inspire and empower ourselves. Simultaneous walks in other countries will remind us of our connection as global citizens. Walking facilitates bonding and unity across boundaries.

Event Details

  • Sunday, July 18th 25th from 1:00pm to 2:30pm
  • Silver Lake Nature Center Amphitheater, 1306 Bath Rd, Bristol PA
  • All are invited to worship at 10:30 with United Christian Church, Levittown in the Nature Center Amphitheater and/or bring a lunch and lawn chair to picnic before the walk.

Meditation Topics

Stops along the walk will bring awareness to global social issues.

  1. Embracing Diversity
  2. Climate Change
  3. Pandemic Impact
  4. Early Childhood Education

Walk donations are welcome and help to support Adopt A South African Preschool (ASAP). To learn more visit https://www.adoptasouthafricanpreschool.org/

South Africa has three priorities: “Education, Education, Education.”
-Nelson Mandela

Our mission is to fund the training and resources for preschool education, enabling South African children below the poverty line to succeed in school and in life.

How You Can Help

Individuals, companies, organizations, and churches can donate:

$10 funds one educational toy
$75 funds one Play and Learn (PAL) kit of seven educational toys and resources
$750 funds ten different PAL kits for four months of curriculum. Toy Libraries need multiple sets.

$7,500 provides seed funding for a new Preschool hub to include a robust Toy Library and training center. ASAP helps caregivers who currently offer daycare in overcrowded apartments access mentoring and resources. Many will get certified in Early Childhood Education as they borrow educational toys, follow a curriculum, and learn to track the critical developmental milestones of preschoolers. Through ASAP, countless children who have never held a toy before can now learn through play.

Ways to Donate
Support Adopt A South African Preschool

Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code below:

Or visit: https://givebutter.com/adoptasouthafricanpreschool

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