The Art of Advent

In this four part series, Jason Oosting will lead us in an exploration of works of art that will help us consider not only who and what we’re waiting for this Advent, but also how we’re waiting. Looking at paintings such as Breugel’s “Census at Bethlehem,” Leonardo’s “The Annunciation,” and Friedrich’s “Abbey in the Oak Forest,” we’ll investigate the people God chooses to work through and how we respond to God’s call, imagine how the moments leading up to the birth of Christ speak to our current context, and reflect on the symbolic meaning of many of the objects that we see both in paintings and all around us this time of year.

December 20 | Jason Oosting


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December 13 | Jason Oosting


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December 6 | Jason Oosting


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November 29 | Jason Oosting


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Born at an early age, Jason Oosting lives in Holland, MI with his wife Shari and kids Asher, Ezra, Elia, and Ada. He taught AP Art History for seven years at Montgomery High School and now teaches at Holland Christian High School.