#MissionMonday – Presbyterian Hunger Program Update

Dear members of Nassau Presbyterian Church,

Hunger is looming around the world: in the face of violent conflicts including the war in Ukraine, in the face of rising costs of food in the United States and around the world, and in the face of heat waves and other climate change related impacts that make agriculture hard and drought and flooding real concerns for food insecurity. Affordable housing is feeling more and more elusive to much of America’s population as the pandemic, inflation and other economic factors have influenced the market.

As we pray for these and all other grave situations, we also are called to act. The Hunger Program continues to partner with you, congregations, and partners around the country and world to “alleviate hunger and eliminate its root causes.”

Churches, communities and networks step up to counter the ongoing impacts of the pandemic and increased hunger and poverty caused by conflict, climate change, and rising costs. We deeply appreciate our grantee partners, networks, Hunger Action and Earth Care Congregations, Hunger Action Advocates in presbyteries, and donors who stand together to advocate for just policies and work to find ways to achieve food sovereignty, affordable housing and justice for communities.

Thank you for your financial support. We could not do the level of ministry we are able to do without the gracious support we receive. Gifts to the Hunger Program help us and our partners to create places of safety, peace, healing, and livelihood in the midst of difficult circumstances. God is present in all places, and we give praise for the ways God has moved in our world.

This summer we released our 2021 PHP Impact Report that shares a bit of the work we were able to accomplish in 2021. While numbers and statistics can’t get at the relationships and organizing that ultimately lead to addressing root causes, we do think some of the numbers are wonderful to see, as well as our strategy and a brief story from our partner in El Salvador. We invite you to read the report online:

PHP Impact Report (link)

We continue to work so that people have more and better food, communities standing for justice know they are not alone, and people around the world are allowed to enjoy the healthiness of creation as it was meant to be. Bless you for joining in this mission with us!

Rev. Rebecca Barnes
Coordinator, Presbyterian Hunger Program