#MissionMonday – Refugee Resettlement Update (August 2023)

From the Refugee Coordinating Team, an update on the Hashimi family, the Afghan refugee family that Nassau Church has sponsored.

Last October, the Hashimi family was kind enough to share their inspiring story during an adult education class. Since then, they have continued to make progress in building a new life in Princeton.

By the end of last year, they had completed the arduous process of applying for asylum in the United States. After waiting patiently for months, now all of their asylum applications have been approved (except for one still pending for one of the sons). For those who have been approved, that means they now have legal status to live and work in the United States – and may eventually apply for permanent residency and citizenship.

As asylees, the family can also seek approval to visit the father in Dubai, where he is stranded. He has applied for humanitarian parole status and is also applying under other programs for the right to join his family here, including through his wife’s new status. All of these options have significant wait times.

There is also progress on the housing front. We are glad to report that the Hashimi family has moved out of the temporary housing that had been provided through Princeton Seminary and are now in their own housing at Princeton Community Village.

Another key priority had been their education, and they are making progress on that as well. One of the older sisters is working hard to earn a high school equivalency degree. She had been on the verge of finishing high school when they had to leave Kabul, and her credits could not be transferred. We are excited that she recently passed the social studies section of the GED and continues to work on the rest.

All of this progress was aided by volunteers from Nassau, including many of you here this morning. So, on behalf of the Refugee Coordinating Team, our thanks to you and all others who have given of your time and resources as part of Nassau’s commitment to support refugees. We are truly grateful for your support and ask for your continued prayers for the family, and particularly for their reunification with the father. Thank you.