Partners in Faith Invitation

The Witherspoon Street Church and Nassau Church Partnership Team is chronicling the 175 plus year history between the two congregations.

Both churches have a long history of worshipping in Princeton (Nassau, 255 years and Witherspoon, 181 years), Nassau as a predominantly white institution and Witherspoon Street as a historically black institution. There is a complicated historic relationship between the two congregations, and in recent years many members of both churches have been working for reconciliation and collaboration.

The design of the project includes the production of a documentary, Telling Our Stories, with interviews from members of both congregations, a graphic timeline depicting significant events in the life of the partnership, and a one-time event to revisit and celebrate the historic 250th Year Partners in Faith Celebration of the Presbyterian Presence in Princeton held 2004-2006.

If you have a story to tell or other contributions, please contact Barbara Flythe (email).