#MissionMonday – Arm In Arm Update (August 2022)

Arm In Arm continues to serve the community at historic levels and this video created earlier this summer details their incredible work in the community. Arm In Arm is providing food to families through an average of more than 4,700 pantry visits and deliveries per month, which is more than double their pre-pandemic average. They are also providing more assistance than ever before to keep families in their homes. Arm In Arm is grateful to the Nassau Presbyterian Community for your partnership in helping them to serve at these historic levels and hopes you will continue to support us, and the community we serve, in the days, months, and year ahead– as an advocate, donor, volunteer, or ambassador. We are better together because of you!

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#MissionMonday – Valentines for Food Program

Help the Hungry in Mercer County Feed Their Families


Did you know that in a single year Arm In Arm provides enough food for its clients to prepare almost half a million meals for themselves and their families? This year your support is even more important as we work to meet the incredible needs presented by the pandemic.

Arm In Arm (website)

Watch a Moment for Mission from Arm in Arm’s Executive Director, David Fox:

When you support Valentines for Food, you support Arm In Arm’s effective response to food insecurity in our area:

  • In 2020, over the course of 27,000 visits, mobile deliveries, and grab ‘n go events executed by Arm In Arm’s three food pantries – including the one located at Nassau Presbyterian Church – people had access to healthy, high quality food for themselves and their families.
  • In December alone, Arm In Arm provided groceries at more than 3,200 pantry, mobile pantry, home-delivery, and grab ‘n go visits.
  • While some area food pantries occasionally must turn hungry people away, Arm In Arm has NEVER seen its shelves go empty, thanks to the generosity of its supporters.
  • Approximately a third of people who receive food through Arm In Arm are under age 18.
  • About one fifth of Arm In Arm’s food clients are aged 60 and above.
  • Many older clients live in Princeton Community Housing and receive food on a regular basis through Arm In Arm’s volunteer delivery service.
  • Arm In Arm provides fresh, local produce for its customers, much of it donated by farmers and farmers’ markets and supporters of Yes We CAN! Food Drives … by community, school, and church gardens … Whole Foods Market … Farmers Against Hunger … and our own community vegetable garden right in downtown Trenton!
  • Arm In Arm’s volunteer-tended vegetable garden is an ideal hands-on learning space
  • A generous group of individuals from Nassau Presbyterian Church have pledged to match donations, potentially doubling the amount collected.



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  • DONATE: healthy, non-perishable food to our pantry.
    • Canned Proteins (tuna, salmon, chicken, chili)
    • Cereal
    • Canned Fruits
    • Canned Vegetables (low-fructose)
    • Canned Beans (low-sodium)
    • Seasonings
    • Honey
    • Rice
    • Peanut Butter
    • Shelf-Stable Milk (Parmalat)
    • Vegetable/Canola Oil
    • Maseca Corn Flour
  • PARTICIPATE: in our Valentines for Food virtual food drive. Visit https://amplify.ampyourgood.com/user/campaigns/3646 to purchase food that will be delivered directly to Arm In Arm.
  • CONTRIBUTE: On-line (arminarm.org/valentines ) or by mail and remember, that your gift will be potentially doubled thanks to the generosity of several Nassau Presbyterian Church members.
  • VOLUNTEER: at one of our food pantries during the week. Email for more details.