Adult Education Archive

Six months of Adult Education class recordings. Contact the church office for earlier classes.

January 2020

January 12 | Lindsey Trozzo

The Burning Bush & the Name of God

January 5 | Craig Barnes

Paradise Isn’t Perfect: The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in Genesis

December 2019

December 22 | Dale Allison

The Infancy Narratives of Matthew and Luke

December 15 | Maria LoBiondo

The Story of the Other Wise Man

December 8 | Joyce Irwin

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

December 1 | Shane Berg

The Politics of the Incarnation

November 2019

November 24 | Lauren J. McFeaters

An Act of Faith: Lessons in Aging with Dignity & the End of Life

Part 2: The Why and How of Pre-Planing a Funeral Service

November 17 | Lauren J. McFeaters

An Act of Faith: Lessons in Aging with Dignity & the End of Life

Part 1: Anticipating and Having End of Life Discussions

Handouts (pdf)

November 10 | Karlfried Froehlich

Part 2 – Bewildered Survival: Growing Up in Post-War Germany

Listen to Part 2 here:

Listen to Part 1 (from May 2019) here:

November 3 | Jacq Lapsley & Anne Stewart

The Curtain, The Cloud, and Some Conclusions (Exodus 32-34)

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October 2019

Exodus: Wilderness Formation

Do a deep dive into Exodus. Read the stories, remember the events, and revisit the characters that are formative to our faith. Each week Drs. Anne Stewart and Jacqueline Lapsley will lead us through a section of the text and help us learn how and why God takes a group of wandering refugees and forms them into the people of God. Pastor Dave Davis will be preaching in worship on texts from these same passages during this series. See: Sermon Journal

Final class of this series held on November 3

October 27 | Anne Stewart

When Things Fall Apart (Exodus 32-34)

October 20 | Jacq Lapsley

Commandment as Covenant (Exodus 19-24)

October 13 | Jacq Lapsley

Lost and Found in the Wilderness (Exodus 16-18)

The Visual Effects of Parting of the Red Sea (YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4H5tjx2Zpg

October 6 | Anne Stewart

From Call to Crossing (Exodus 1-15)

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September 2019

September 29 | Sarah Steward, Ria Smit, Ross Wishnick, with Holley Barreto, moderator

‘Til All God’s Children are Fed – The Purpose and Practice of the Hunger Offering

Nassau Presbyterian Church has a decades-long tradition of collecting a freewill offering on the last Sunday of the month to alleviate hunger in our neighborhood, country, and around the world. As Pastor Dave Davis frequently affirms, we are committed to continuing this practice “until all God’s children are fed.”

Come meet three representatives of local and international organizations who benefit from this long-standing commitment. Get to know their communities. Learn about their mission. Support their work.

This panel discussion will be moderated by Elder and food-justice advocate, Holley Barreto, and will include time for questions.

September 8 | Nate Stucky

Food. Faith. Bread. Wine.

Does God care what we eat? Does God care how we eat? Do we think of God when eating? Should we? Though food runs like a thread through Scripture, we may or may not typically put God and food in the same conversation. What happens when we do? In this session, we’ll begin finding out.

Ted Talk: The Art & Craft of Bread, Peter Reinhart

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