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Six months of Adult Education class recordings. Contact the church office for earlier classes.

September 2020

September 20 | Len & Andrew Scales

Princeton Presbyterians

Len and Andrew Scales, Presbyterian Chaplains at Princeton University and Executive Co-Directors of the Westminster Foundation will share ways they’ve seen God at work through the Princeton Presbyterians campus ministry. Learn about what theologically grounds the ministry, and hear from a few undergraduate leaders about why they love Princeton Presbyterians. For more information visit: www.princetonpresbys.org

September 13 | David Fox

Arm in Arm: Partnering in a Pandemic

David Fox feels honored to serve Arm In Arm and is grateful for the opportunity to combine his theological studies and experience serving the suffering in this Adult Education offering.

July 19-August 30

Pioneer Women Reflect on Women in the Bible

We are delighted to share excerpts of this fascinating series, Pioneer Women Reflect on Women in the Bible created for The First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, with our Nassau Presbyterian family for the next five weeks. View the complete series on their website.

This series invites you to see the women in the Bible through the eyes of women who were called to teach and preach when women in church leadership were few and far between. Each has been asked to reflect on a woman in Scripture whose character has been important for her own life and vocation. Each session has an accompanying Study Guide provided by the Rev. Dr. Louise Johnson, Associate Pastor, Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville.

Other Videos from this series:

August 30 | Carol McDonald

Pioneer Women Reflect on Women in the Bible: The Daughters of Zelophehad (Numbers 27)

Video: Carol McDonald: Numbers 27
Study Guide: Daughters-of-Zelophehad pdf

Carol McDonald
Retired Synod Executive of the Synod of Lincoln Trails and Parish Associate at Northminster Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis

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August 23 | Elizabeth Johnson

Pioneer Women Reflect on Women in the Bible: The Women in Romans 16

Video: Elizabeth Johnson on the Women in Romans 16
Study Guide: Women-Romans-16 pdf

Elizabeth Johnson
J. Davison Philips Professor Emerita of New Testament at Columbia Theological Seminary

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August 16 | Kathleen McVey

Pioneer Women Reflect on Women in the Bible: Miriam (Exodus 15)

Video: Kathleen McVey on Miriam
Study Guide: Miriam (Exodus 15) pdf

Kathleen McVey
Joseph Ross Stevenson Professor Emerita of Church History at Princeton Theological Seminary

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August 9 | Katie Day

Pioneer Women Reflect on Women in the Bible: Junia (Romans 16)

Video: Katie Day on Junia
Study Guide: Junia (Romans 16) pdf

Katie Day
Charles A. Schieren Professor Emerita of Church in Society at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia (Now U.L.S.)

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August 2 | Andrea Rodgers

Pioneer Women Reflect on Women in the Bible: Hulda (2 Kings 22)

Video: Andrea Rodgers on Hulda
Study Guide: Huldah (2 Kings 22) pdf
Andrea Rodgers
Second-career minister and regular worshipper at First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia

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July 26 | Marilyn McEntyre

Pioneer Women Reflect on Women in the Bible: Samaritan Woman (John 4)

Video: Marilyn McEntyre on Samaritan Woman
Study Guide: Samaritan Woman (John 4) pdf

Marilyn McEntyre Spiritual writer, speaker and Professor of Medical Humanities at the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program

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July 19 | Cynthia Jarvis

Pioneer Women Reflect on Women in the Bible: Eve (Genesis 3)

Video: Cynthia Jarvis on Eve
Study Guide: Eve (Genesis 3) (pdf)
Cindy Jarvis Associate Minister of Nassau Presbyterian Church from 1981-1996 and the Minister/Head of Staff of The Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia from 1996-2019.

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July 2020

July 12 | Mark Herr

2020 is always hindsight, except when it’s not.
The fifth presidential election of the 21st Century: what a long, strange, trip it’s been.

The 2020 presidential election was launched in late 2017 when the first Democratic candidate declared and featured the greatest numbers of Democratic challengers in 100 years. The primary campaign has had more lead changes than an Indianapolis 500 and a surprise guest in the coronavirus pandemic. Add it all together, and you get the most intriguing race since . . . 2016. As the Talking Heads once asked, “How did we get here?”

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July 5 | Larry Stratton

Least Dangerous Branch? US Supreme Court’s 2019-2020 Term

Alexander Hamilton famously wrote that the judiciary “will always be the least dangerous” branch to the “political rights of the Constitution; because it will be least in a capacity to annoy or injure them” Federalist Papers, #78. This session explores highlights and themes from the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2019-2020 term involving cases dealing with the electoral college, congressional oversight of the executive, the free exercise of religion and contraceptive mandates, and the 1964 Civil Rights Act and sexual orientation and transgender status discrimination. The survey will consider the arguments, personalities, and political dynamics of the Court as the Justices wrestle with these critical constitutional issues.

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June 2020

The Church in Times of Crisis

As we continue to navigate the cascading challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, what can we learn from the past? Over the course of this month-long series we’ll consider a number of moments in American history when Christians confronted crisis. In their stories we will not discover ready-made solutions for our contemporary predicament. But along the way we will find plenty of opportunities to reflect on what it means to be people animated by faith, hope, and love, even when it seems like the world is falling apart.

June 28 | Heath Carter

Selma 1933: “A Voteless People is a Hopeless People”

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June 21 | Heath Carter

Chicago 1894: “The Angel of the Yards”

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June 14 | Heath Carter

Cherokee Nation, 1828 “This grieves me more than I can tell.”

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June 7 | Heath Carter

Philadelphia, 1793 “Terror Now Became Universal”

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May 2020

Acts and Imagination – Acts of Imagination

The Acts of the Apostles is not a blueprint for a perfect church. Instead, Acts contains stories meant to provoke and inspire our imaginations about how God might be present among us in vibrant and unexpected ways. During these five Sundays in May, we will walk through a number of imaginations for following Jesus into a changing world.

May 31 | Eric Barreto

Acts 10:1-48

God Moves Far Ahead of Us

Week 5 – Questions for Discussion (pdf)

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May 24 | Eric Barreto

Acts 8:26-40

God Calls Us to “Nowhere”

Week 4 – Questions for Discussion (pdf)

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May 17 | Eric Barreto

Acts 4:32-5:11

Community is a Matter of Life and Death

Week 3 – Questions for Discussion (pdf)

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May 10 | Eric Barreto

Acts 2:1-13

Difference is a Gift from God

Week 2 – Questions for Discussion (pdf)

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May 3 | Eric Barreto

Acts 20:7-12

A Young Man Named Eutychus

Week 1 – Questions for Discussion (pdf)

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April 2020

Stories from the Gospel of John

April 26 | Lindsey Trozzo

John 11:1-44

Good Grief: The Confession of Martha

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April 19 | Lindsey Trozzo

John 20:19-31

What We Can Learn From “Doubting Thomas”

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Lent 2020

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April 12 | Eric Barreto

Luke 23:44-49

Salvation Fulfilled: Jesus saves us from death to life today

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April 5 | Eric Barreto

Luke 13:1-5

Worship Fulfilled: Jesus saves us from idolatry to trust.

Mentioned in the video: Comida de pobre by Jorge Juan Rodríguez V

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March 29 | Eric Barreto

Luke 19:1-10

Belonging Fulfilled: Jesus saves us from isolation to belonging.

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March 22 | Eric Barreto

Luke 8:26-39

Wholeness Fulfilled: Jesus saves us from sickness, death, and the ways they divide us to resurrected life.

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March 15 | Eric Barreto

Luke 7:36-50

Hunger Fulfilled: Jesus saves us from hunger to an abundant table.

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March 8 | Eric Barreto

Luke 4:16-30

Freedom Fulfilled: Jesus saves us from oppression to liberation.

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March 1 | Eric Barreto

Luke 1:5-25

Promise Fulfilled: Jesus saves us from hopelessness to hope.

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